"The Random Name Picker!"

Number of Points...

BF# - big freaking # (ex. BF9 - Big Freaking 9)

Big# - a big rack, big body *Pics*

Clean# - a real nice typical rack

Crab# - this bucks rack splits off like a couple of crab claws *Pics*

Crazy8 - an 8-point buck with abnormal growth in his rack *Pics*

Deca - a nice 10-pointer *Pics*

Dream# - the buck that is going to make all your dreams come true

EightTheGreat -a real big 8-pointer

Equal# - there will be no deductions with this typical

Five by Five (or 5x5) - a nice uniform 10-pointer

Flawless# - nothing but a good typical here *Pics*

Four x Four (or 4x4) - nice 8-pointer or never on the trails and always off roading *Pics*

Giant# - a big rack on a big body *Pics*

Gigantic# - this buck is just a monster

Great# - this is just a great looking buck all around *Pics*

Handsome# - just a real nice picture perfect buck

Hex - a big 6-point or a buck that must have put a curse on you

Holy8 - this buck is the essence of all 8s

Mag# - this buck is huge in both the body and rack

Magnificent# - big and great typical rack on a mature buck

Mambo No. 5 - this 5x5 adds a little jive to your heartbeat

Mature# - this guy just turned 4 years old and will now be on the hit list this fall

MyFavorite8 - not just any run-of-the-mill 8-point, this is a big, mature buck

MyFavorite10 - this isn't just any regular 10-point buck, he's got a giant frame for a rack

Mr. # - has a real nice set of G2s, G3s or G4s

Neutral#- doesn't seem like this guy is getting any bigger

NineLives - this 9-point continues to have luck on his side during open season

Old# - he's celebrating another birthday, 7-year-old buck or older

Ordinary# - nothing special about this buck but he is still a great typical

Oversized# - a lot bigger than the other bucks in his class or bigger rack than most

Perfect# - just a great looking typical rack with little deductions *Pics*

Plain# - a nice typical with nothing extra going on

Premier# - nothing but the best with this buck

Short-Tine# - never really got any height out of this one

Six - this buck can be a big 6-point or have six points on each side

Sixer - a buck sporting six great looking points *Pics*

SixSix (66) - a buck with a matching six points on each side *Pics*

Special# - one of your favorite bucks, plus this one means something *Pics*

Split Brow # - has split brow tines or combine with the number of points *Pics*

Split G# - any of the points are split (ex. Split G2)

Sweet# - just a good-looking buck you can't get enough of

Tall # - any buck with a taller rack, has a tall stance (ex. Tall 8)

THE # - a buck this big deserves respect like this (ex. THE 9) *Pics*

The#Buck - the one everyone is after, when all other names just won't do (ex. The12Buck)

Triple - three main beams or three points off of one

Ultimate# - this is the kind of buck that has it all

Vague# - you don't know much about this buck but he may be a shooter (ex. Vague8)

Velvet# - a great buck that you got early in the season *Pics*

Volcanic# - points just spewing out the top of his rack

Wacky# - a typical rack that grew abnormal (ex. Wacky9) *Pics*

Washed-Up# - an old buck that is past his prime

Wicked# - this is one wicked big rack or a bit messed up (ex. Wicked10)

Wide# - any buck with a wider than usual rack (ex. Wide9) *Pics*

Wonderful# - nothing but a great-looking buck here

Wrinkled# - tines grew up with a curve or two to them

Young# - this buck has got what it takes to be great some day

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