"The Random Name Picker!"

Special Attitudes...

Bigfoot - just a big deer, not seen very much

BlackMagic - only seen at night, a real dark and eerie looking buck

BrownChickenBrownCow - it's just fun to say, great looking buck

Buckalicious - he's been working on his fitness

BuckEye - has one or both eyes that are messed up or seen under a buckeye tree

Busted - always one step a head of you or rack is all busted up already

Cajun - adds a little spice to the hunt or a southern buck

Casper - a buck like a ghost that has never been seen before or really white rack

Chicken&Biscuts - can't get enough of this one

ChicMagnet - always with the does

Chuck Norris - do I need to explain this one? ... because he kicks ASS!

Contagious - this guy is spreading buck fever through the whole camp

Cotten-Eye-Joe - where did he come from where did he go?

Deathly - this buck looks like you might be doing him a favor

Dictionary - a wise old buck that seems to know it all and a lot between his ears

Dumbo - a wide rack that goes way out past his ears

Escape - a hard to kill buck that is always finds his way around you

Fighter - this buck just plain likes to fight and can end up with broken tines and gashes after season *Pics*

Funk - you could smell this buck two miles before you spotted him

Ghost - albino buck or a buck with a lighter-colored coat or one that's hardly seen *Pics*

Hollywood - lots and lots of trail cam pictures of this photogenic buck *Pics*

HotSauce - puts a little spice into your hunt

Immortal - it seems like this buck will not go down

Impossible - no matter how hard you try you never get a shot

Jack-O-Lantern - a great treat on Halloween night, wicked looking rack or very curved rack *Pics*

Jinx - nothing but bad ever comes from this buck

Klutz - it seems like this buck is always busted up or hurt

LeroyBrown - "bad, bad Leroy Brown, the baddest buck in the whole damn town," always looking for fight

Lunar - nothing but night pictures of this buck

Mythical - you have heard of this buck or have few trail camera pictures but have never seen him in person

Nocturnal - you've never seen this guy in the daylight

Pegasus - seems it could almost be a mythical creature or buck that is rarely seen

PegLeg - this buck walks with limp or has a big ol' droptine *Pics*

Rampage - always fighting, making scrapes and rubs, running around *Pics*

Romeo - always with the ladies or doubled that night with Juliet

Scarface -this guy is a fighter with scars on his face

Trigger - hard to kill, fast as a hair trigger, one you can't wait to pull the trigger on

Twilight - this buck is the definition of nocturnal

Werewolf - this buck is only out at night

Wheezy - this guy must have a cold or something

Yeti - you've heard about this beast but never seen him before

Zesty - this guy will add a little extra spice to your hunt

Zombie - seems as if this buck is possessed

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