"The Random Name Picker!"

Names for Young Bucks...

Abort - this buck will get the pass... for this season at least

Adolescent - a real immature buck that will get the pass for now, but maybe it has some unique character

Bambi - a young buck with lots of potential, the next king of the woods

BasketRack - tight rack, no inside spread

Big Junior - huge rack at such a young age, great genetics with lots of potential

Bucky - a real young, good looking buck

Buttons - a real young buck that will never grow out of his name

Considerabuck - to shoot or not to shoot, that is the question

Dainty - a nice buck with no mass at all

Debatable - to shoot or not to shoot... that is the question

Dingle - a young buck with droptines *Pics*

Dink - young buck with poor genetics plus this one won't score high

Easy - young buck that answers to all your rattling/calls or is always around

FalseAlarm - this guy may have you fooled at first but he will need another year

Goofy - just a funny looking rack on a young buck plus acts kind of strange *Pics*

Ignore - this buck will need a few years to make the hit list

Immature - this buck just isn't ready yet

Impassable - a good looking that won't be allowed to walk out of your shooting lane

Incubator - nice buck but needs more time to grow

Infant - a real young buck with lots of potential

JD - juvenile delinquent, this young buck is just looking for trouble

Junior - a real young buck with great genetics that could be on your hit list soon *Pics*

JV - junior varsity, a young buck that hasn't made it to the big leagues yet but has potential *Pics*

Kiwi - a fun name to give to one of your favorite bucks that will be around for awhile

LayAway - you're planning on putting this buck on hold for now

LittleBigs - young deer with a big rack and lots more potential

LittleGaint - going to be a hog some day, tons of potential if he is given more time

LittleHeavy - young buck with lots of mass *Pics*

NotNow - young buck with lots of potential getting the pass this year

Nubs - a real young buck with a small rack for now

OneToWatch - nice looking young buck with potential

Passport - young buck you are willing to let grow or a buck that roams a lot

Pending - close to making the hit list but not quite this year

Prius - good for the freezer but still you don't want to been seen with this one, ground shrinkage

Rookie - young buck with a chance to play with the big boys some day *Pics*

Sapling - real tall but no mass at all, young buck

Sleeper - this buck will be something someday *Pics*

Slowcooker - buck you have been passing for years, hoping he will grow big

Squirt - a real dink but could be good some day

Upcoming - a young buck with a lot of potential in a few years

Whopper Jr. - a young buck with lots of room for growth

Yearling - this little guy's first rack is a great one

YearOne - young buck with lots of potential

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